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by Angela Muhwezi

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MARINA NTSONGA The sound is REAL and the voice is POWERFUL in a very emotional way. Favorite track: Love and Other Drugs.
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Of Ugandan descent, upstart indie label Notown Sound's chief songwriter, Angela Muhwezi, puts her priceless pen to an eclectic collection of soul sounds on her own debut EP. Her soaring, emotive alto is the common thread in the broad tapestry of producers nathanKent and Marrque Nunley, whose palette runs the gamut from classic soul to Roots-influenced hip hop to upright bass-driven Afro-Cuban fused with a Sun Records sizzle. Already known in underground circles for her contributions to Captain Supernova's recent debut, Angela caught the attention of many upon the release of her first single, New Age, an incendiary two minute biopic of race relations and police brutality. On Unscripted, though the subject matter is a notch or two tamer, the lyrics are no less poignant--the evocatively named Love and Other Drugs (also the EP's erstwhile working title) is a haunting account of an acquaintance's downward spiral. And throughout, subject matter irrespective, she writes with nuanced command that deftly belies her youth.


released February 17, 2015

Lyrics by Angela Muhwezi, except "Rebel Ones" (Muhwezi, Marrque Nunley), "Ready" (Muhwezi, Chelsea Mone't, India.Arie), and I Need You More (Muhwezi, Deborah Gladney, nathanKent). Music by Angela Muhwezi and nathanKent, except "Rebel Ones" (Muhwezi, Kent, Marrque Nunley), "Ready" (Muhwezi, Kent, Nunley, Sherdeill "Flex" Breathett, India.Arie) and "Love and Other Drugs" (Muhwezi, Kent, Nunley).

Produced by nathanKent and Marrque Nunley. Mixed and mastered by John Fahr.

Recorded at King Size North Studios (North Hollywood, CA), Notown Sound Studios (Los Angeles, CA), NoHo Suite Studios (North Hollywood, CA), Romper Room (Porter Ranch, CA), DMcG Studios (Wichita, KS), Wiley Cat Studios (Greenville, SC), Mullet Mobile Recording Services (St. Paul, MN), and Mixdown Studios (Wichita, KS).

Engineering Team: Pierre de Reeder (King Size North); Matt Packuko (Romper Room); Varun Taneja, Ray Webb (Notown Sound); William Shakespeare, SiR (NoHo Suite);  Ross McEwen (Mullet Mobile); John Fahr (Wiley Cat Studios); Donovan McGlory (DMcG Studios); Corey ‘Young C’ Rolfe (Mixdown Studios); nathanKent, Marrque Nunley, Angela Muhwezi (anywhere and everywhere).

nathanKent: Baritone Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Snare Drum, Trumpet, Bass, Electric Guitar, Synth, Organ, Vocoder, Electric Sitar, Wurlitzer, Percussion, Mallet Percussion, Key Bass, Mellotron, Drum Programming, Piano, 8-bit Nintendo, String and Horn Arrangements
Marrque Nunley: Bass Drum, Beatbox, Drums, Djembe, MPC, Drum Programming
Sherdeill “Flex” Breathett: Bass
Angela Parrish: Piano, Pianet, Wurlitzer, Celesta, Vibraphone
Sotiris Eliopoulos: Drums
Ryan Knudsen: Drums, Percussion
PunKy Balfour: Drums

Dale Black, Jr.: Upright Bass
Tré Pugh: Organ, Drums
John Fahr: Electric Guitar
Waira “Willy” Njau: Electric Guitar
Rudy Love, Jr: Piano
Manoela Wunder: Strings
Donovan McGlory: Trumpet
Jonah Levine: Trombone
Josh Johnson: Alto Saxophone
Tim McKay: Baritone Saxophone
BGVs: Chaynler Joie, SiR, Erica Thompson, Ani Elle Bee, Deborah Gladney, Rocky Love, Erik B., Nava, Angela Parrish, Marrque Nunley, nathanKent, Angela Muhwezi
Claps: Marrque Nunley, Tahnya Claypool, Angela Muhwezi, nathanKent



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Angela Muhwezi Los Angeles, California

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